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Press Release

With the release of the “Carried Away” album, Frenchie Tunes takes some classic genres, and gives them a spin all his own. Laced with addicting progressions, blends of reggae and R&B undertones, and a soulful but indie vocal approach, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie pop anthems. Although the songs are diverse from one another, there is a glue that holds them together almost like a concept album would.

The first single, “Fire and Stone”, holds an air of the radio friendly pop rock powerhouse. Complete with catchy vocal melodies, beautifully performed female fronted chorus, and plenty of musical swells; the song seems to breathe as it plays on.

“Fire and stone comes from the two parts of my personality one wants to be singing in front of 1000 people putting on a a high energy live show (that’s the fire) And the other part is quiet withdrawn and spends a lot of time alone writing songs (that’s the stone)... and I think a lot of people feel that way trying to find a balance between putting yourself out there completely and hiding away. ‘I wanna be Fire, I wanna be Stone’”, explains songwriter Patrick Bedore of his single.

Although the single does speak volumes for the album, to get a real understanding for where Frenchie Tunes is coming from, it should be heard in its entirety.

“My music is always lyrically driven. I like musicians that pick up the guitar with purpose not just for the sake of writing a song... but because something is pouring out of them. I think my sound is always evolving especially as I get better at playing the guitar and other instruments. This past summer I broke my left hand and couldn’t play guitar for about six weeks however about a week and a half into being in a cast I was able to poke 3 fingers out of the cast and play the ukulele... I’ve fallen in love with that instrument and written some brand new songs that I’m really excited to get out“, says Bedore of the songwriting approach for the record.

Relocating from Canada to the United States in 2010, songwriter and artist Patrick Bedore has always had a love and passion for creating music. It wasn’t until 2016 when Bedore decided to create the Frenchie Tunes project. Recruiting musicians and vocalists to bring different and unique elements to the project, Frenchie Tunes has grown into a whole new persona.  Growing with influences like Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and Bob Dylan, the songs bring an array of styles to the table. The“Carried Away” album is a testament to where he is with his sound right now.

The album is now available for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets and Frenchie Tunes is planning to hit the festival circuit this summer as he finalizes his upcoming release.


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